Helena christensen chris isaak dating

09-Sep-2017 08:50

It's not like there's a lot of tricks and storyline in this. She was a very good actress, a very beautiful women. I never remember her holding up anything for any reason.But I felt really comfortable that Herb [Ritts] could take something simple like that and make it beautiful. When you think of like a beautiful supermodel, you think of people that are, you know, "I need another hour for my hair! RH: Did Ritts' preferred setting – beach with ocean backdrop – present any challenges?RH: The on-camera chemistry with supermodel Helena Christensen seemed very convincing to people who saw the "Wicked Game" video... CI: It looks romantic in the video, but in real life, we're on a beach…if you look at [Christensen's] body, it has goosebumps on it.In September 2017, Christensen, along with models Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Carla Bruni and Cindy Crawford, closed the Versace spring/summer 2018 fashion show, which was an homage to the late Gianni Versace.Christensen, whose collaboration with Triumph started in 2008 as the face of the Triumph brand.Aside from her modeling work, Christensen is also an accomplished photographer herself, whose work has appeared in Nylon, In 2014, Christensen worked on a photography series: Libery Ross, Liv Tyler, and The Pursuit of Grace.Being as she is the accomplished photographer as whom she was identified above, she welcomed the highly interpretable, loose feeling of the shoot.

HC: To be completely honest, and this might ruin the romantic notion of the video, but my legs were bleeding from the knees and down, because I was running on black lava and it was cutting into my skin. HC: Being in my grandparents' summer cottage smelling the pine trees.She is a former Victoria's Secret Angel and beauty queen.